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A few of the things
we think are important ……..

Continuity of Care
A key-work Carer is allocated to each Resident to ensure continuity of care
and support ~ particularly in those early days
Care plans are reviewed regularly to ensure
that the care in place is appropriate and meets the needs of every Resident

Minimum Medication
All medication is reviewed regularly and we operate a ‘minimum medication policy’ ~ this means that whenever appropriate, medication is administered as required ~ not regardless of need

Freshly cooked, home-made meals
All our meals are home made and freshly cooked and our whenver possible our suppliers local. With a four-weekly rotating menu that is reviewed regularly choices are always
available ~ we ensure that special diets are catered for and will always
try and accommodate favourite dishes………

Involvement in Home Life
It is important that the resident feels at home and we encourage all residents
to be as involved as possible in daily life ~ even if this does mean helping with the washing up!
Activities Programme
….. weekly Arts & Crafts, visits from the WI, a variety of singers,Armchair Pilates, monthly cinema and fortnightly t-dances – there is
hardly time to be in the kitchen with our cook for biscuit making and decorating…..our Activities Programme takes into
account interests, skills and life experiences and we offer a wide range of activities designed to encourage mobility
and most importantly ~ an interest in life

Activities are also brought into the Homes which gives residents variety and that all important, outside interest ……….

Contact with Family & Friends and the local community
………keeping in touch….

Family input is vital to the type of Care that we provide ~ family, relatives and
friends are encouraged to visit as often and whenever as they are able
~ and to maintain contact through the staff and the residents key care worker
whenever they feel the need to
We also aim to ensure there is a continued connection with the local community and
are visited frequently by our local churches
and children from local schools